Our mission is to support the growth and expertise of insulation contractors who provide high performance, energy efficient insulation systems and related components.

HPIP is the only 501c3 in the insulation industry dedicated to establishing a unified certification for contractors and those entering the workplace. Through online learning, live events, and accreditation of partner events, we will promote a unified insulation certification the public, consumers, builders, and government entities can use to recognize and appreciate a trained contractor.

For nearly 30 years, our certified contractors have understood what the rest of the industry is starting to figure out. There are incredibly effective insulation systems that deserve a larger market share than they currently have. There are contractors who go above and beyond to be the best of the best, and they should be recognized as such. These are the systems and contractors we’ve been proudly representing for decades. Through the upcoming years of rebirth, we remain focused on the best contractors and systems in the insulation industry.


2019 Supporting Partners

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