How your Job Corps Center can begin offering High Performance Insulation Professionals’ Primary Credential

In 2018, HPIP’s Primary Insulation Credential was implemented by an increasing number of Job Corps locations to help solve the labor shortage the insulation industry is experiencing. We are now working with 14 Job Corps centers, and over 1,500 students have been enrolled.  The Entry Level coursework is live, and we are actively working to publish our intermediate and advanced level training, as well as a Spanish version of all courses. 

How to bring Hpip’s credential to your center:

  1. Your center’s Director, Education & Training Director, CTT Manager, or Finance & Administration Director submits the inquiry form using the button below.

  2. HPIP staff will contact you to go over cost, payment, and the set up process

  3. Establish the number of seats your center would like to purchase - each seat is one student’s access to our training system. We sell a minimum of 20 seats at a time, instructors do not count as a seat and will not be charged for use.

  4. HPIP will work with your center’s buyer or finance director to complete the necessary forms, and help you get a purchase order acknowledged and invoice created.

  5. Your center’s profile (team) is created in our online platform, and your instructors may begin taking the required coursework while payment is being processed.  All instructors must complete the coursework and exam prior to enrolling students in the system to earn this primary credential.


Job Corps Centers Currently Utilizing HPIP’s Primary Credential

Boxelder Job Corps

Carl D. Perkins Job Corps

Cincinnati Job Corps

Cleveland Job Corps

Detroit Job Corps

Gary Job Corps

Long Beach Job Corps

North Texas Job Corps

HPIP Job Corps logo.png

Ottumwa Job Corps

Pine Ridge Job Corps

Pittsburgh Job Corps

Potomac Job Corps

San Jose Job Corps

West Virginia Job Corps

Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corps


Testimonials from live events

“I don’t think I ever considered insulation an industry, so the training opened my eyes to a whole new path I can take to accomplish my goals in life.” - North Texas Job Corps Student following their High Performance Training

“I've attended many trainings over the years, but this event ranks at the TOP of my list. It was well planned, the various morning sessions contained clear and valuable industry information, and the afternoon (Wed) hands-on stations were a solid addition to the day. From my vantage point, the event was a networking bonanza, as you had non-local San Diego Job Corp staff attending. The participation in the classroom learning modules was a clear example of the want and need of the training for this industry.   

Kudos for creating such a valuable training!” - Healthy Home Evaluator following attendance at our Long Beach Training

“Getting to talk to all of the instructors and different people HPIP had brought out to us was really inspirational because almost nobody was like, “Yeah this is what i set out to do with my life but i started over here and now I’m here,” and it really put into perspective for me how far up starting low and working hard will get you.” - North Texas Job Corps Student


Interested in Hosting a Future Event on Your Campus?

HPIP holds several regional trainings each year with the help of our Certified Contractors and qualifying Job Corps centers. If you’re interested in hosting an event near you, contact Emily Bremmon at to learn how you can qualify as a host for 2020.