The Sioux Falls, SD High Performance Insulation Training Workshop was initially intended to be held on April 10-11 of 2019. However, due to an unexpected and late “winter” storm that began on the 9th, HPIP decided to postpone the training until fair weather could be expected. Postponing turned out to be the right call. With some areas of South Dakota receiving over 10 inches of snow and the severe winds the week of April 10th, the Sioux Falls workshop attendees were grateful to have the sun shining in June for our second training of 2019. Two South Dakota insulation contractors, HERS raters, and representatives from our supporting partners, Cameron Ashley and Knauf Insulation, joined us for our two-day training. Sessions were led by our dedicated instructors from Owens Corning and Knauf Insulation. This training was unique for HPIP as for the first time, a live blower door test was demonstrated on a finished home. Johnson Environmental of Sioux Falls assisted HPIP with this demonstration and provided us with an appropriate location for the test to be done.